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FreeStyle Lite Test Strips 100ct

FreeStyle Lite Test Strips 100ct

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FreeStyle Lite Test Strips 100ct

The FreeStyle Lite test strips give you the convenience of testing anywhere and much faster then other test strip brands. Their No Coding Technology makes Freestyle Lite Test Strips more accurate then ever. The smallest sample size of just 0.3 mL is all that is needed to get accurate blood glucose readings. Freestyle Lite Test Strips support Alternate Site Testing, so you can test from your fingertip, forearm, palm, upper arm, thigh, and/or calf.

FreeStyle Lite Test Strips 100ct Features:

Easy to use

  • The new Patented Zip-Wik tabs target blood samples for easy application and fast uptake
  • No coding required which means there's one less step when testing

Proven accuracy

  • Greater accuracy compared to other leading brands
  • Less interference from 22 of the common substances

Fewer wasted test strips

  • Time to reapply blood is 60 seconds
  • Requires the smallest amount of blood compared to any other test strips sold!

FreeStyle Lite Test Strips Compatibility:

NDC: 99073-0708-27

Customer Reviews

Based on 731 reviews
jeanette o waruch

I"m very happy about my orders so far BUT I didn't hear anything or didn't get my last order is something wrong???? thank you for asking!

Patricia Christman
Prompt delivery

Ordered test strips, after realizing I was almost out. Delivery came after 3 days and I was more than pleased with the prompt service. And I loved the great sale price! I will be ordering more supplies from Diabetic Warehouse.

Cassandra Angulo

FreeStyle Lite Test Strips 100ct

Vincent DeNardo
Diabetic Test Stripes

They are perfect and very easy to use. I'm getting great readings.

Shannon Dugger
Excellent Service

Great prices, great service. This is the second time, I have used Diabetic Warehouse, and I am very happy with the service.