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Cardinal Health Universal Lancets - 30G

Cardinal Health Essentials Universal Lancets 30G

Cardinal Health
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Cardinal Health Universal Lancets - 30G

The Cardinal Health Universal Lancets 30G feature patented safety seals on every side of the lancet head to ensure the product has never been tampered with or used before. Cardinal Health diabetic lancets are designed with an ultra fine tri-tip bevel for maximum comfort when testing your blood sugar. Cardinal Health lancets feature a universal design which allows them to be compatible with most lancing devices in the market. 

Cardinal Health Universal Safety Seal Lancets Features:

  • Tri-Bevel Tip
  • Universal Design
  • Patented Safety Seals
  • 30 Gauge

Compatible with the Following Lancing Devices:

  • ReliaMed Lancing Device
  • Microlet
  • Penlet II
  • Glucolet
  • Freestyle
  • Hemalet
  • Autolet Mini
  • AutoletS
  • Soft Touch
  • BD Lancing Device

This Package Includes:

100 x 30G Cardinal Health Universal Lancets