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Contour Test Strips 100ct

Contour Test Strips 100ct

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Contour Test Strips 100ct

The Contour Test Strips 100 count allow you to simply “plug” it into your Contour meter while the sip-in action accepts the small blood sample into the strip. These strips will give the reliable results you need because the various interference's that might skew results on other strips are accounted for.

Contour uses a bottle design with an already built-in desiccant which removes all the moisture so the test strips stay fresh up to six months after opening. Using a Sip-In Sampling technology, the Contour has a convenient window that makes it simple to see when the test strips are filled with the blood. 

Contour Test Strips 100ct Features:

  • Small Blood Samples (0.6 micro-liters)
  • High accuracy with the sample size required
  • No coding required due to auto-calibration. The meter will code itself automatically each time a new lot of test strips are used.
  • Fast 5 second testing and accurate results
  • Sip-in Sampling ensures the right amount of blood is applied each time for less wasted test strips.
  • Alternate test sites heps to reduce the pain associated with testing on the same spot each time you test. Great for individuals who frequently test.
  • Flip top bottle keeps the Contour test strips fresh longer and also makes it easy to open, close, and handle for people of all ages.
  • Designed to improve patient savings by avoiding waste on multiple fronts—a great option for diabetics looking for affordable solutions that are also reliable.
  • Easy to use, simply insert a new test strip and apply blood.

Contour Test Strips Compatibility:

100 Contour Test Strips (2 Boxes of 50)

NDC: 00193-7090-21

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Elizabeth Callihan

The product comes on time and sometime early great job it helps getting my supplies so I don’t have to worry

Brenda Cavanaugh

Bayer Contour Test Strips 100ct

Hala Lahad


nancy renn

There are good strips

unexpected need fulfilled

needed them quick you had them in stock!!