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FreeStyle Test Strips 100ct

FreeStyle Test Strips 100ct

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FreeStyle Test Strips 100ct

FreeStyle Test Strips will change the way you feel when testing your blood glucose levels. The FreeStyle test strips 100ct are intended to be used with the FreeStyle, FreeStyle Flash and FreeStyle Freedom Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems. These blood glucose meters combine both a large display screen and ergonomic design for testing that is easy on your eyes & hands. FreeStyle offers the latest in advanced technology to make managing your diabetes easier than ever. 

Freestyle Test Strips 100ct Features:

Small Sample Size:

FreeStyle diabetes test strips were designed to prevent sore fingers after testing by requiring just a tiny blood sample which is the smallest in the world at just 0.3 micro-liters! Even with this small size of a sample FreeStyle ensures accurate test results every time that are virtually pain free. This is due to a new, patented technology based on coulometric measurements.

Coulometry Measurement:

Coulometry is a unique electrochemical measurement technique exclusive to FreeStyle. Coulometric analysis is unaffected by reaction rates and is ideal for measuring a small blood sample size.

Alternate Site Testing:

You can test from alternative sites on the body like finger and forearm, reducing the pain of continuous testing of one site over and over again.

15 Second Test Results:

Accurate blood glucose test results are available in just 15 seconds.

Capillary Action:

The FreeStyle Test Strips 100ct use a capillary action that acts like a sponge to wick the exact amount of blood needed onto the glucose test strip. You have up to a minute after the initial sample is taken to add more blood if needed. The diabetes test strips work with the blood glucose meter, which will then beep when there is enough of a blood sample for accurate test results.

NDC: 99073-0121-01

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Lisa Purks
Exactly what I ordered

Super fast delivery and just what I was looking for!

Ramona Al-Hardani

FreeStyle Test Strips 100ct

Diana G Taylor
Fast service/delivery

Once again Diabetic Warehouse fulfills it’s promise for courteous and speedy delivery even to Hawaii. Really appreciate all your crew. Mahalo.

Robert Rubock

Everything a good operation should deliver. 5 star

Vanessa Martin

Excellent and cheaper than eney where else also I've seen.