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One Touch Ultra Test Strips 25ct

OneTouch Ultra Test Strips 25ct

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OneTouch Ultra Test Strips 25ct

These OneTouch Ultra Test Strips 25ct use a unique Fastdraw design to automatically draw your blood into the testing strip, which makes blood glucose testing quick, simple and less painful for diabetics testing their blood sugar levels. The OneTouch Ultra Test Strips provide accurate test results every single time you test. 

OneTouch Ultra Blue Test Strips Feature:

  • The One Touch Ultra diabetic test strips feature DoubleSure Technology which Automatically checks each blood sample twice.
  • Easy to Use: The One Touch Ultra glucose test strips were designed to make it easy to see when there is enough blood for an accurate reading.
  • Small Sample Size: These One Touch diabetic test strips require only a small blood sample, meaning less pain when testing your glucose level.
  • Alternate Site Testing: To help reduce the pain of repetitive testing on the same area, your able to test blood glucose levels on your forearm, finger or arm. When using the OneTouch Ultra 2 test strips for alternative site testing you should be cleared through your health care professional first.
  • Fastdraw: Just touch the end of the One Touch Ultra 2 test strip to the blood sample; the strip will automatically draw the right amount of blood needed for an accurate reading.
  • 5 Second Test Results: Within 5 seconds, you will have an easy to read blood glucose test result when using your One touch Ultra mini test strips.

OneTouch Ultra Meter Compatibility

  • OneTouch Ultra 2 Meter
  • OneTouch Ultra Mini Meter
  • OneTouch Ultra Smart Meter
  • OneTouch Ultra Meter
  • OneTouch Ultra Link Meter

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Miguel Duran
OneTouch strips

Exactly what I was looking for.

Cindy Hansen

Very Pleased!!

Bert Reisman

One Touch Ultra Test Strips 25ct

helen kraus

Good service . . no postage . . . speedy service. Will probably have to order more soon thanks

Lewis Strouse
Very Good

Use these test strips only for occasional glucose monitoring. They appear to work well - results are in line with serum glucose.