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OneTouch Verio Level 3 Control Solution

OneTouch Verio Level 3 Control Solution

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OneTouch Verio Control Solution Level 3

Verify that your blood glucose meter kit and glucose test strips are working properly with the OneTouch Verio control solution.

Each vial of test strips has a One Touch Verio Level 3 (Mid) Control Solution range printed on its label. Make sure to compare the result displayed on the glucose meter to the OneTouch Verio Level 3 (Mid) Control Solution range which is conveniently printed on the test strips vial.

OneTouch Verio Control Solution

  • Use with OneTouch Verio Family of Meters
  • 75 tests per each vial
  • Used for self-testing
  • Allows you to practice without using blood


Control solution consists of a viscosity-adjusting agent, a preservative, a dye, a buffer and glucose in water: OneTouch Verio Level 3 (Mid) Control Solution 0.12%.

OneTouch Verio control solutions are used to check that the blood glucose meter and glucose test strips work properly when used together and also that the test is performing accurately. Use only the OneTouch Verio control solution, Level 3 (Mid) or the Level 4 (High) with your OneTouch Verio IQ meter. Either glucose control solution levels can be used to check your monitoring system.

NDC: 53885-273-02