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Pharmacist Choice Twist Top Universal Lancets 31G

Pharmacist Choice Ultra Thin Universal Lancets 31G

Simple Diagnostics
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Pharmacist Choice Universal Twist Top Lancets 31G

Affordable and easy to use. Universal design to fit most lancing devices.

Pharmacist Choice Twist Top Lancets 31G Features:

  • Easy to Use: Simple and easy to use
  • Ultra Fine tri-bevel tip: Advanced tip design
  • Ultra Thin Comfort: You won’t feel a thing
  • Enclosed in sealed protective bag: So you know they’re safe
  • Fits Most Lancing Devices: You don’t have to switch Lancing Devices

Compatible Lancing Devices:

  • Simple Diagnostics
  • Autoclix
  • Dialet
  • Penlet
  • Penlet II
  • Hemalet HypoLet
  • Autolet
  • Auto-Lancet
  • B-D Exactech & Soft Touch
  • Autolet Lite
  • Autolet Mark II
  • Monojector
  • MicroLet I and II
  • Freestyle Lancing Device

NDC: 98302-0001-60